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In collaboration with the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), this program provides evaluation services, referrals, and job support services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing adults in the following areas:

  • Academic evaluations include testing reading comprehension, quantitative abilities and general world knowledge. If appropriate, clients are evaluated on their English language skills.

  • Communication evaluations test communication and linguistic abilities in American Sign Language and English, both receptively and expressively, manually and non-manually.

  • Vocational evaluation consists of tests selected based on interests and skills. Some examples are: Vocational Interest Test, General Learning Ability, Numerical Skills, Clerical Skills, and Motor Coordination.

  • Independent Living evaluation may be requested in conjunction with the Vocational evaluation in an effort to determine the client's self-supporting ability.

To request more information about Evaluation services, contact Karen Powers at 617-254-4041 TTY/Voice, or fill out our online form.

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