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Deafblind Community Access Network (DBCAN)
Matching Individuals with Trained Providers to Help Deafblind people Keep Their Independence.

DBCAN was established in 2001 as an Act of the Massachusetts State legislature. It was a result of intensive lobbying efforts on behalf of the Deafblind Interpreter Alliance (DBIA) as well as members of the Deafblind & deaf community, Disability Policy Consortium, D.E.A.F. Inc., and MCDHH. The program is funded by a $350,000 annual contract overseen by Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB) and MCDHH and operated by D.E.A.F. Inc.

DBCAN is available for:

  • Conducting personal errands (bank, hairdresser, shopping, etc.)

  • Reading mail, etc.

  • Exercise and other fitness programs

  • Getting to and around the public transportation system

  • Attending community, educational, recreational, religious and cultural events

  • Helping Deafblind people keep their independence within their community

  • DBCAN is not:
    • A replacement for services already existing in the community

    • An Interpreter Service

    • An Independent Living Program

    • Case Management Services

    • For rides only

    • A housekeeping/cleaning service

    • Personal care attendant service

    Each qualified Deafblind applicant is entitled up to 16 hours a month of Provider Services.

    To request an application to become a Consumer or Provider, please contact:

    Director of Consumer Services
    DBCAN c/o Deaf Inc.
    215 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA 02134
    617-254-4041 V/TTY
    800-886-5195 TTY

    The United Way of Massachusetts Bay also supports this program.


Independent Living

Assistive Technology

Evaluations and Job Support

Multicultural Resources

Project HOPE

Family Resource/Shared Reading

Interpreter Mentorship


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