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These Local Resources have been grouped into the following categories: Interpreter/CART Referral Numbers, General, Consumer Groups, Independent Living Services, and Training Materials for Health Care Providers.


Interpreter/CART Referral Numbers

Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

MCDHH is the lead state agency for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and late-deafened people. Departments include: Interpreter Services (to request ASL interpreters and CART reporters); Communication Access, Training, and Technology Services; Case Management and Social Services; and Program Development and Special Services. Regional offices are located in Worcester, Springfield, Plymouth.

Boston, MA
Voice: 617-695-7500 TTY: 617-695-7600
Fax: 617-695-7599
Emergency Interpreter Services: 24 Hours Weekends and Holidays
Voice: 617-556-5286 Voice/TTY: 800-249-9949 TTY: 800-780-1625

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Boston Guild for the Hard of Hearing
The Guild's mission is to conserve hearing and provide habilitation services for Hard of Hearing people. Services include noncommercial hearing tests conducted at the Guild, in the homes of people with limited mobility, in industries, and in the community. The Guild is a licensed hearing aid vendor and provides NYNEX equipment. Education programs include: speechreading, industry hearing conservation, consumer empowerment, and assistive technology.

Boston, MA
Voice: 617-267-4730 TTY: 617-267-3496

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Consumer Groups

Consumer groups provide information about specific types of accommodations and how best to serve Late-Deafened, Deaf, and Hard of Hearing people.

Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA-Boston)

ALDA Provides a support network for Late-Deafened individuals.
Newton, MA
V/TTY: 617-923-2447

Massachusetts Association of the Deaf (MSAD)
MSAD hosts workshops, publishes the Deaf Community News, and runs a Sign Language Education program and a Family Sign Language Program for parents of Deaf children.

Malden, MA
Voice: 617-388-9114 TTY: 617-388-9115

The Minuteman Implant Club (Cochlear Implant Club Intl.)

Grafton, MA
Voice: 508-839-6577 TTY: 508-839-4505

Self-Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH)
Greater Boston Chapter, Inc.

Brookline, MA
Voice: 617-391-6242 TTY: 617-393-4399

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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Independent Living Services

The following agencies provide information, referral, and advocacy services.

Ad-Lib, Inc. Center for Independent Living
Pittsfield, MA
Voice/TTY: 800-232-7047 Voice: 413-442-7158 TTY: 413-442-7047

Cape Organization for the Rights of the Disabled (CORD)
Hyannis, MA
Voice/TTY: 800-541-0282 Voice/TTY: 508-775-8300

D.E.A.F. Inc. Independent Living Programs
Offices in Allston, New Bedford, Salem, Middleboro, and Pittsfield

Northeast Independent Living Program
Lawrence, MA
Voice/TTY: 508-687-4288

Stavros Center for Independent Living
Springfield, MA
Voice/TTY: 413-781-5555

Greenfield, MA
Voice/TTY: 413-774-3001

Amherst, MA
Voice/TTY: 413-256-0473

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Training Materials for Health Care Providers

Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Training workshops, publications include: Doctors' ADA Packet, Communication Success Mini-Guide for Hospitals and Other Medical Facilities, 1997-1998 Resource Directory, and information sheets.

Boston, MA
Voice: 617-695-7500 TTY: 617-695-7600

Alternatives for Reaching Independence through Services and Engineering (ARISE)
Video: Deaf Patients in Hospital/Medical Settings
Syracuse, NY
TTY: 315-472-3171

Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.

The SHHH Hospital Program: book, videotape, and posters.
Bethesda, MD
Voice: 301-657-248 TTY: 301-657-2249

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Working with Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Using the TTY, TTD, and TT Telephone

Additional Local Resources

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